How to harness the power of viral marketing - Houston SEO

A virus spreads quickly by replicating itself and propagating to anybody that it comes into contact with. This is certainly undesirable if it is a disease that is being spread. What though, if it was an idea? More specifically, what if your corporate idea or message was being spread? This is what is known as viral marketing.  It is a strategy that leads to the idea of your product or service circulating throughout the internet, as online users share it with others using email and social media networks.  It gives your advertisement power that, when properly harnessed, can launch your online business. If you are marketing an online business, how can you make it “go viral”? What follows are some expert techniques to boost your brand awareness by using viral marketing.

Choose your words carefully

Viral marketing relies on others wanting to share your message. Hence, it needs to be attractive to them. If your advertisement is short and captures the interest of the viewer, they may want to pass it on. If you are promoting a website or circulating a video, choose a captivating title and corresponding URL. Spend the time to pick a title that will make the viewer want to see the content, and chances are they will think of somebody else they know who will want to view the content as well.

Build friendships, not just a customer base

View your marketing campaign as a way to develop a relationship with your customers.Try to understand their needs and interests, and appeal to them. This may involve getting their input through surveys, comments, feedback forums on your site, or other forms of communication. Also, if you can appeal to the customer’s sense of humor, and use warm and inviting language, they will come to really love your brand.

Be Patient and Persistent

Think of what it takes to get an airplane to take off. It takes a lot of preparation behind the scenes, and in order for it to lift off from the ground, the plane needs to gather momentum. So be patient, as it takes time for your message to propagate to a substantial amount of users. Do not get discouraged if your initial ads and titles do not catch on; you may need to keep refining them. Build an attractive blog or website and maintain it with up-to-date content to cultivate the interest of your customers after they are initially drawn to it by your ad.

Generating the momentum to get your viral marketing campaign to finally take off may require some initial investment. However, like a virus, once your idea starts to spread, it will continue to generate customers with little or no spending in the long run. That is the power of viral marketing!